Wet Drywall Repair

Wet Drywall Repair in Columbus, OH

While your drywall may get damaged during wear and tear and mishaps around your house or building, one of the most serious things that can happen to it is water damage. Wet drywall can lead to other maintenance and repair needs around your house, including potential health issues if it leads to the growth of mold. Get it repaired quickly by calling Allphase Restoration to schedule an appointment in Columbus, OH. We work with all insurance companies and can help with filing claims!

Why You Need Wet Drywall Repairs

When your home suffers water damage from a leak or a flood, it can be overwhelming to think about the damage and expenses incurred. Repairing the walls is a major part of cleaning up water damage and one that you shouldn’t put off. Wet walls can crumble, harbor mold and mildew, and even allow the moisture to spread to your studs and the structure of your home.

If your drywall is wet, you will probably have to have all the wet, damaged areas removed. Once the soggy section is out and your home has been cleaned, dried, and treated for mold and mildew, then a professional can begin hanging new material.

What To Expect During Drywall Repairs

Repairing drywall often consists of removing a section of the area, cleaning up any remaining moisture, and replacing the section with a new piece. The cleaning of wet drywall means doing more than just blotting up visual moisture. Because it absorbs the moisture it will need to be treated for mold and mildew prevention and dried professionally using heat and forced air. The cleaning and drying must be done prior to installing a new piece.

repairing old wet drywall in Ohio

How Specialized Equipment Helps Repair Drywall

When you have wet drywall, you need expert help and professional, specialized equipment to repair it. Some types of equipment experts might use include dehumidifiers, air movers, moisture meters, air scrubbers, and more.

When a technician arrives, he or she may start by using a moisture meter to determine where the drywall is wet and look for moisture in areas you might not be able to see. They will also use special tools to keep the air in your house moving to create ideal conditions for the area to dry. These can include dehumidifiers and air movers. If there is an odor in your property, or there is a risk of mold formation or other particles in the air, a professional might also use an air scrubber to clean the air.

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