Carpet Drying & Cleaning

Carpet Drying & Cleaning in Columbus, OH

You know you need to have your carpet cleaned when the carpeting in your home gets dirty, but what do you do when the carpet gets wet in a flood or leak? You may think that wet carpet means that you need to replace it, but you can save it with professional wet carpet cleaning, extraction, and drying services.

Call Allphase Restoration for appointments in Columbus, OH, to have our experts properly clean your carpet and padding to prevent structural damage to your home, and mold and mildew. We offer help with filing insurance claims and work with most major insurance companies!

What To Expect During Carpet Drying Services

When your carpet gets wet due to a leak, flood, or another issue, it’s important to have experts dry it completely to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. When professionals arrive, extraction is the first step in getting your wet carpet restored. All excess water must be removed from not just the carpet but the padding and flooring as well.

Once extraction has been performed a professional will also use their skills for carpet drying, as well as drying the padding. This will help prevent mold and mildew, along with damage to the floor underneath the carpet.

Why You Need Carpet Restoration Services

While drying your carpet after a flood is typically the first step, it’s also important to have professionals restore the carpet. Carpet restoration involves deep cleaning the area, and sometimes adding a mold preventative in the cleaning solution. Then, of course, drying again. This will leave your carpet smelling and looking like it was never flooded.

In addition to performing these services on the carpet, our experts at Allphase Restoration also restore woven rugs and upholstered goods.

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Methods Used To Clean Your Carpet

When a disaster occurs at your house, you need more than DIY techniques to clean your carpet. Professionals have specialized equipment to perform expert services to clean and dry the area, including:

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