Water Heater Basement Flooding

Water Heater Basement Flooding Services in Columbus, OH

While a cold shower may be the first clue that you have a leaky water heater, the dead giveaway is a flooded basement. When you discover your water heater has sprung a leak, you need to act quickly. Call Allphase Restoration for services in Columbus, OH, to stop the leak and clean the water. Left even for a short time, water can seep into drywall, wood floors and beams, and weaken your home structurally.

Mold and mildew can also begin to grow. Let a professional team with the appropriate equipment and expertise deal with the water heater leak and its aftermath. We offer 24/7 emergency services!

Signs Your Water Heater Has a Leak

Detecting a leaky hot water tank can sometimes be a bit like playing detective. While you might notice a shortage of hot water when you expect there to be more, it might be difficult to see the leak itself depending on where the unit is kept. However, if you notice a change in your hot water availability, or if you see even a small amount of moisture around the tank, you should have it inspected.

If a small leak isn’t treated, it can lead to a more serious water heater flood. This can occur when rust eats through the tank or some of its components, and a rupture occurs. This is usually experienced as a gush of hot water when the tank gives way and 20, 30, or more gallons of water come pouring out.

If this happens, call the certified experts at Allphase Restoration to professionally clean the flooded area.

water heater flooding a basement in Ohio

Steps To Take When Your Water Heater Floods

For the safety of yourself and your household, it’s important to take the right steps when your water heater causes a flood.

First, you should shut off the water to stop the leak, and then turn off the gas or electricity to protect the heater. Next, open a hot-water faucet to relieve the pressure. If the tank is leaking, connect a hose to the drain valve and drain the tank. Make sure the cold supply is turned off and that a hot-water faucet is open to allow air to come in to replace the water.

This should help limit the damage and keep your household safe until professionals arrive.

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How To Prevent Your Water Heater From Flooding Your Basement

While water heater floods can require a lot of cleanups, fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent these leaks from occurring:

In the event that you are faced with flooding in the basement, it’s imperative that the water is extracted or pumped out as soon as possible. To prevent mold and further damage from impacting your home, dehumidification services may also be needed. Contact AllPhase Restoration today to learn more about whether these services may be needed in you home.
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