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When your home is dealing with floods, leaks, and poor insulation,. It damages your drywall, soaks your carpets, and provides the perfect environment for mold to grow. In times like this, you need professional assistance, and you need it fast. Well, here’s some excellent news – AllPhase Restoration is here to assist you in Worthington. Our team of seasoned experts is ready to spring into action, manage the aftermath of this moldy situation, and utilize their top-notch skills to restore your home to its previous, dry, and fantastic condition.

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Quick and Reliable Help for Mold and Mildew Problems

When mildew troubles strike your home due to leaky pipes, quirky appliances, or misbehaving humidity control, you’re dealing with a real problem. But don’t fret because what you need right away are mold removal and disaster cleanup services, and that’s exactly where our skilled team steps in to assist.

But when mold starts getting into your living space, you can’t wait around. The sooner you start drying and cleaning things out, the better the outcome will be. Plus, it helps stop mold from taking over. At AllPhase Restoration, we have the right tools and knowledge to quickly deal with that mold issue before it gets worse.

Specialists That Care

We genuinely love what we do, and we care for our community of fellow business owners. That’s why when you call the AllPhase team for your roofing services, disaster cleanup, or your water, fire, or mold restoration, you’re getting business partners for life. Whenever you need our roofing services, we’ll come running — and we’ll always prioritize your needs and address your concerns!
I cannot more highly recommend Allphase to anyone and everyone I know. If you are in a place like I was with serious fire and water damage from a house fire you're likely scared and confused which way to turn. At every step of the way Omar and Hassan made me feel like I was their family member in the way they spoke to me, treated me, advised me, and guided me. There was not one extra inch they hesitated in taking to make this horrible experience easier. It was compeletely above and beyond what they needed to and done without hesitation. Do yourself a favor and give them a call and you will not be disappointed with the process or the result. Professional, skilled, kind, caring, expeidtious, competitive, and all around good human beings.
Kaylin Howell
Kaylin Howell
Very good and expedient
Lola Bell
Lola Bell
Highly recommended for good work and a excellent company that takes care of there customers.
Eric Greber
Eric Greber
AWESOME experience!!! We had a metal roof installed on our outdoor patio bar. The team was professional and worked so hard to make our experience great. The two people who worked on our project - John and Rudy were just amazing. They worked from sun up to sun down to give us an amazing metal roof. Thank you John and Rudy so much!!! What a great company - great people - and a great experience. Cannot say enough good things about this company. The finished product says it all. See our pic - we just LOVE IT!!!
Kim Rayburn
Kim Rayburn
Daughter’s basement flooded with 4 inches of water after a very heavy rain. I called AllPhase immediately. They arrived and started clean up while her neighbors were still on hold with other companies. Some were on hold for more than 2 hours trying to help. Before switching to Allphase. The 2 gentleman from AllPhase (Anthony & Rick) were great. They immediately got to work. They explained what would happen and set up fans and dehumidifiers. They told us they would move the larger items for us. Rick and a crew came back 2 days later to remove carpet and baseboards and to spray an anti microbial cleaner. He came back 2 more times to check on the moisture levels before removing the fans and dehumidifiers. Everyone from AllPhase has been wonderful. I highly recommend this company!
Ann Ward
Ann Ward
Great service
Felix Chrappah
Felix Chrappah
Although there were some hiccups and miscommunication between my insurance field adjuster and the AllPhase's estimator, my experienced technician Anthony was hands the only reason why I let AllPhase continue the completion of the water/mold mitigation job. Anthony took his time and explained the entire process without pressuring me to choose AllPhase for the additional demo work – unlike the AllPhase estimator who seemed to be concerned about securing additional contract work than following proper insurance procedures. Thank you so much Anthony for all your hard work and willingness to go above and beyond!
Christina Howard
Christina Howard

9 Key Signs You Have Mold Damage in Your Home

Imagine you’re cozied up on your couch, binge-watching your Netflix series, when suddenly you catch a whiff of something funky. You look around, trying to pinpoint the source of that weird odor, and your nose leads you to an alarming discovery – mold! Let’s be real, mold damage is not something to take lightly. I mean, it’s not just about the unpleasant smell; it can have very serious health consequences and affect the structural integrity of your home. 

So, how can you tell if you have mold damage lurking in your humble abode? Let’s dive into 9 key signs that should set off your mold alarm bells.

1. Musty Odor

The most obvious sign of mold damage is the distinctive musty odor. If your home smells like an old, damp basement, even if you don’t see any visible mold, it’s a red flag. Mold spores can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that create this unmistakable odor.

2. Visible Mold Growth

Sometimes, mold damage is right there in plain sight. Look out for discolored patches on walls, ceilings, or even on your furniture. Mold can appear in various colors, including black, green, and white.

3. Water Leaks

If you’ve had recent water leaks, whether from a burst pipe or a roof leak, mold growth can be a consequence. Moisture is mold’s best friend, so any damp areas should be inspected carefully.

4. Peeling Paint or Wallpaper

Mold can hide beneath the surface, causing your paint or wallpaper to peel or bubble. If you notice these issues, it might be time to investigate further.

5. Allergy Symptoms

Mold spores in the air can trigger allergic reactions in some people. If you or your family members suddenly develop symptoms like sneezing, coughing, or itchy eyes when you’re at home but feel fine elsewhere, mold could be the culprit.

6. Respiratory Problems 

Mold can be especially harmful to those with respiratory conditions like asthma. If you or your loved ones experience an increase in asthma symptoms, such as wheezing or shortness of breath, it’s a warning sign.

7. High Humidity

Mold thrives in humid environments. If your home consistently has high humidity levels, especially in areas like the basement, bathroom, or kitchen, mold growth becomes more likely.

8. Condensation

Condensation on windows, pipes, or walls can create the ideal breeding ground for mold. Keep an eye out for moisture buildup in these areas.

9. Visible Water Stains

Water stains on your ceilings or walls can be an indicator of past or ongoing leaks. Even if you can’t see mold, these stains suggest that conditions are ripe for mold growth.

Remember, mold damage is certainly no joke, but with the right approach, you can tackle it head-on and ensure a healthier, mold-free home. So, if you suspect these pesky green fuzzies are hiding in the shadows, don’t delay—take action today! Your home and your health will thank you for it.



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Mold damage can quickly spiral into bigger problems, leading to higher costs if you delay. The great news is that you don’t have to wait until it’s too late. Reach out to our skilled team at AllPhase Restoration today to safeguard your property and your peace of mind. Our expert crew is prepared to leap into action, offering you top-notch water extraction, mold remediation, and disaster cleanup services to restore your space to its optimal condition promptly. When it comes to mold and mildew issues in Worthington, we’re the go-to experts, so don’t wait – let’s rescue your home together!



Being Ohio’s most dependable mold remediation experts is something we pride ourselves on. From being available 24/7, to covering many communities surrounding Columbus, you can always count on AllPhase Restoration. If you’re in any of our service areas, schedule an appointment with us for reliable and thorough assistance.

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